Fallen Star

DM's Log: Powerful Demon, Aidnecniregin

After taking a few minutes to catch their breath, the party and Merric caught each other up on the events of the last couple hours. Apparently, during the escape, Leucis’ subordinates ambushed Merric and the headmaster. Merric had tried to defend the Archmage, but the enemy numbers were too great and they eventually overcame him and ended the headmster’s life. Merric escaped in order to carry a message that had been given to him by Quarion. That message named none other than the young halfling sorcerer as the new headmaster of the academy and holder of the title “Archmage”.

The party returned to the academy grounds to check on the teachers they had failed to reach. Baern, the dwarven enchanter, had suffered a death of a thousand cuts from his own enchanted blades. The gensai elemtalist Mara-Kai had suffered through having each elemental aspect of her soul torn out in turn, leaving naught but a soulless husk of crystal behind. The eccentric gnomish researcher, Eldon Whifflebottom, had been placed in an incredibly elaborate mechanism that ultimately lowered him into a tub of alchemist’s acid. Marmaroth performed the last rites for each of the fallen in turn as Argas proceeded to investigate the office of Leucis. He found some incomprehensible books and lots of arcane-looking symbols scrawled on the walls of the room.

The next couple days were mostly uneventful, time passed slowly as the party took it upon themselves to help begin restoration of the academy, at the behest of now-Headmaster Merric. During the evening the group studied Leucis’ work, hoping to decipher what he was working on. They were unable to ascertain much other than that he was spending a lot of time looking into demonology.

Then the party awoke one dawn in their guest tower suit to rumbling and the sounds of screams coming from the city below. The rumbling was so intense that it had begun shaking the tower, causing the stonework to begin wearing away at the mortar, filling the room with the smell of dirt and dust. As they were attempting to make sense of the situation, Merric entered the room and told them that large demon had appeared in the city and was wreaking havoc. He explained that the creature seemed to be making a direct path towards the academy. Reports from the guards stated that weapons and magic seemed to be having no effect. He told them that the members of the academy planned to lead the beast into the courtyard where they would make their final stand, and he asked the party for their help. Without hesitation, the 7 of them raced down the tower and took position in the courtyard. While they did not see anyone else their, Merric explained that the members of the academy were known for their magic, not their martial prowess. A second glance showed that they had turned the window of the surrounding academy buildings into artillery barricades. After many tense minutes of waiting, the demon crashed through the academy gates where the group launched their ambush.

As had been reported, the creature seemed impervious to all forms of attack. Moreover, the creature was not just durable, he was powerful. His claw attacks could push even Eglath back 20 feet or more. Shamash, who had developed a glowing scar, could somehow see that the monster was directly controlling his mana to form a shield as a reaction to any attack made against it. In response to this, Merric suggested that they needed something powerful enough to penetrate shield, and that he and that making a spell that combined both dragon and chaos magics, they might be able to succeed. Unfortunately, that required at least 30 seconds of uninterrupted channeling of magic and Shamash was reluctant to team up with his former adversary. The others convinced the dragonborn that it was the only way they could survive and he ultimately agreed, telling them to “just make sure and keep that thing’s attention off of us while we prepare”. About halfway though, however, the creature spotted them and blasted them with a burst of force energy it launched from it’s mouth. They managed to evade the attack, but they had to begin the spell from scratch. The others began rushing the creatures one after the other to get its attention. Together, they managed to distract it long enough for the sorcerers to complete their spell, a mighty lance of dragonfire bathed in chaos energy. Sure enough, Shamash could see the spell shatter the creature’s shield.

With it’s defenses broken, the party rejoiced as they could see the barrage of magic missiles beginning to faze the beast. With renewed resolve they launched an all-out offensive. They were surprised to find, as the Archmage charged headlong at the beast, that not only was Merric a gifted sorcerer, he had incredible martial skill as well. The beast fought back with claws and hellfire and bursts of explosive arcane energy. The group realized they could win, but when it finally looked like they had the creature on the ropes, it let out a mighty bellow and its body began to regenerate faster than they could wound it. It reared back its head as they could feel the energy gathering around it. After several seconds, the demon lowered its head and fired a beam of destructive energy that made its way through Eglath, damaging him heavily in the process, destroying the foundation of the artillery building as it began to shake and crumble. The creature turned it’s attention back to the main group who could find no way to fight through the speed of the beast’s regeneration until the cavalry arrived – Adeya, Krogal, and Malaggar. The professors had a device with them, and, as Adeya made a few adjustments, she told the party to make him open his mouth again, but make sure the creature was facing them. They party drew it’s attention and eventually got it facing the teachers. As it opened its maw and began collecting energy for another attack, Malaggar charges in, jamming the mouth open with his sword as Krogal took the device from Adeya and charged the beast, slamming the mana bomb down his throat. Malaggar dismounted from the beast’s head and as soon as he hit the ground, Adeya pressed a button that caused the beast to explode, raining chunks of demon flesh from the sky for almost a minute.

the now 10 of them did not have the time to catch their breath before the creature somehow regenerated back to life, but was only able to recover itself to a battered and bloodied state. Enraged, the creature let out a mighty roar as a pulse of red energy shot into the sky, turning a fiery red as dark clouds began swirling in and and giant flaming rocks began to rain from the sky on on them and even all across the city of Asynium. The group, barely standing after the being struck with the rain of fire, called on the last of their strength to finish off the creature. The professors joined in as well. With so many opponents and in his enraged state the demon could not focus. It struggled to fight back, but it’s efforts were futile as the team’s coordinated efforts finally managed to put the beast to rest.

The party was allowed to take a part of the demon as a trophy, and there was a party held in their honor. The group celebrated as the town reveled in their heroism and strength. With the knowledge that the town was safe and little else keeping them here, or even together, the group made off the following day for Woodhaven, where they expected to part ways in order to pursue their own ambitions. Little did they expect that they would never reach the forest capital.


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