Fallen Star

DM's Log - Introduction: These guys are the heroes!?

The Original Cast's First Adventure

The adventure began with 4 heroes: A goliath warden named Eglath who spent his whole life living in a small mountain tribe, but had fled south to Wahlshire from his village after it was destroyed, A drow warlock who was known simply as Gar – clearly not his real name, but that is privileged information – who was seeking simply to grow his dark power and somehow found his way into Wahlshire’s prison, A traveling dwarven bard name Dumbledore Baggins (that’s Mr. Dumby to you) who quested to find the legendary cursed instrument known as the manjo, and finally a young dragonborn sorcerer of dragon magic named Shamash, whose prowess with pyromancy was matched only by ineptitude in formal studies, causing him to be expelled from Asynium Academy and was returning to his hometown of Wahlshire, disheartened and, more importantly, dishonored. Our story begins the day these unlikely allies crossed paths in a far-off town and how their actions and the choices the made would come to have much more far-reaching consequences…

Eglath and Dumby were the first to meet, when the dwarf attempted to take what little coin the goliath had. There was a commotion and the guardsmen enjoying their dinner rushed off to the north gate, knocking over Eglath’s food on their way out. Wanting an apology, Eglath followed and carried the dwarf with him. They saw the guards killed by a pair of gnolls just as they reached the city gate. They engaged the gnolls, and were joined by Gar attempting to escape when his jailor left to investigate the south gate. Shamash was just reaching his hometown when the fight broke out, and he had been itching for something fleshy to fry, and they managed to defeat the gnolls, though Eglath had broken his weapon and Dumby’s armor had be mangled in the fight.

The blacksmith they visited was more than willing to help them after their heroic effort at the north gate, and when he spoke of the simultaneous goblin attack on the south gate, the group grew concerned. They were directed to the mayor, who informed them of the war between the goblin and gnoll clans that had them caught in the middle. In exchange for goods and full pardon for Gar, the group offered to eradicate the goblins (because goblins seemed an easier target) and allow the guards to focus their effort on only one front.

They made their way to the camp, surviving an ambush of goblins riding strange chimeric creatures along the way as well as two very strong bugbear guards they were lucky to have caught off guard. They caught the camp unprepared and the unprepared goblins never had change. They killed most of the clan then and their, flame, scythe (Dumby’s weapon of choice), spear, and eldrich energy slew goblin after goblin with extreme prejudice. A few managed to make their way into the chieftain’s hut, but so did the party, and even the chief was no match for their might as the last of the camp was slain. The group took what was of value and prepared for the trek home. When they exited the chief’s tent, however, they were surprised to be facing down a Beholder, a creature not seen since the days of the Great War, who appeared to be toying with one of the chimeric mounts the goblins had been riding.

It engaged them and they fell, but survived, somehow. They awoke midday an undetermined amount of time later, their wounds tended with fresh bandages and the goblin camp cleared. There was no sign of their rescuer, but their plight had not been a dream. Dumby’s arm had been annihilated with disintegration ray and Eglath could feel his body rotting from the inside after being hit with a withering ray. They made their way back to Wahlshire, but found it overrun by gnolls, and were met by a pair guarding the south gate. They were offered a chance leave, but Gar defied them, but when his guts met their claws, the group reconsidered and circumvented the town, seeking shelter to the north and hoping to find refuge in Dilith.


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