Fallen Star

DM's Log - Tax Week: How much does that cost!?

The party tries to save money by saving the taxes.

The party entered the busy, bustling town of Dilith in the middle of their busiest week of every month, the week the royal tax caravan comes to collect all The Greenlands’ cities’ taxes that pay for the protection of the kingdom’s military from the constant threat of the savages. When the party tried to resupply, all of the merchandise was inflated to nearly ten times it’s normal price. They were told it was because the town wasn’t going to make the tax payment, and was trying to bleed extra money from travelers. They went to man in charge of the carvan, one Yorick Thandor, third prince to the crown of Thandor, a charismatic and straightforward youth who was preoccupied with the duties of simply maintaining the caravan. He told them the taxes from the other cities were unaccounted for and that it was suspected the couriers were intercepted and taken along the way.

The party investigated the area where the disappearances were suspected to take place, and found a path through the aqueducts that led to a wizard’s tower outside of town. The entered from the basement lab that drained into the aqueducts. The tower was filled bizarre monsters, from chimeric savages all the way up to children’s paintings and toys given life. On their way up they managed to find a chest full of money that they deduced was the lost tax money. After a quick chat, they opted to keep the money, but first they had to see who was behind this madness. At the peak of the tower they once again met Khashana, who had created a device using the artifact they had seen her receive that she said would make all the people of The Greenlands her friends, just like her toys downstairs. She activated the device but the party was able to sabotage the device before it activated. As the machine whirred and sparked, Khashana flew into a frenzy, and her onslaught ended with Gar bleeding out on the floor as the machine burst in a brilliant light, followed by a remorseful “now he’s broken” and blackness.

When the group woke up, the artifact had been taken, and Gar’s motionless body had stained the floor red. On top of that, the device’s explosion had caused the survivors’ souls to change bodies, and everthing they though they knew about their powers had changed, because now, their powers were someone else’s and yet another person’s their own. Eglath received Shamash’s powers, Dumby recieved Eglath’s, and Shamash received Dumby’s. Gar was dead, but they would not let this be his final resting place. The drow died doing all he could to save the people of The Greenlands. He was a hero and he deserved a proper funeral.


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