Fallen Star

DM's Log - Enter Khashana: Who are you supposed to be!?

The party is ambushed and follows the culprit to a cave.

The party made camp one night on their journey to Dilith, and were ambushed by a group of bandits during the night. One managed to get away with all their food. The others they defeated and found talismans of polymorph on. When they destroyed the talismans, the bandits were revealed to be kobolds. While tracking the escapee, they wandered into a small farming village called Yilise. They spent the night at an inn, but were attacked by kobolds once again in their sleep. When they attempted to escape the inn, they found themselves victim to another ambush.

Hungry and tired of being on the defensive, they followed a map they found to a cave the kobolds were using as a hideout. They infiltrated the cave and inside they witnessed a mage in black robes with dark crimson threading transport an item to the projection of a young woman. The main room had a magically sealed door, and after finding three keystones to open it, the party found themselves standing before the altar of a young white dragon who was ecstatic that his promised meal had finally arrived. before he knew what happened, though, the dragon found himself stuck in the back of the room, shoved into a corner by Eglath’s incredible strength. The dragon was hardly able to defend himself, and after killing him, the party tore apart his corpse for all it was worth, even going so far as for Dumby to take an arm in the hopes he could have it replace his lost one.

Once they had acquired all they could hold of the dragon and his hoard, they came face to face with the girl in the projection. She had dark hair and tan skin, and despite her apparent age, spoke with all the mannerisms of a young child. She thanked them for slaying the big mean dragon, and told them she left their foodstuffs at the cave entrance because she couldn’t have them break on her. When asked, she apologized for forgetting her manners and introduced herself as Khashana and promised to play with them again. Confused, the party continued onward to Dilith.


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