Petendithas Silvershaper of the Communications Guild

Gnome, dealt with other Merchant princes and Crimelords, Resourceful and charismatic. Master of espionage


Petendithas Silvershaper, a quick-tongued incredibly resourceful. An expert on subterfuge and espionage. He shows a great deal of compassion for Argas without showing any other motive, unlike the kindness and favors he earns with others. He has a lot of pull in in the Communications Guild and often seeks council with them to assist in his (and indirectly) his master’s goals. Unkown to Argas, he is protecting someone close to him – the sole reason he works for Severus with such Fervor. Doesn’t worship any particular diety but does carry religious idols to various gods, even gods very few worship. Petendithas is a master wordsmith, of many languages. Ironically the list of tools of his trades make him too valuable for his master to release him, even if he is rewarded handsomely.
Primary motivation: The character is being coerced by a local
guild or group. The character would not normally act this
way, but is being blackmailed/forced/etc.

Secondary motivation: A need for knowledge about
Argas (a close friend/associate). The character
feels that an understanding will solve their problems.
Recent Past: The character has been visting a friend in Ganwood.
Close Affiliations
Argas Andregos -A slave desperate for freedom, passionate and fierce. Petendithas mentors him. (Reminds him of his lost son.)

Sister – Mirna : She was separated from him years ago when she was taken from her job as a barmaid and forced into servitude by a local crime lord.

Buimghig Shuzgub : An Orcish town guard, she always wears a lucky hat, has an interest in Fame, has fallen to Petendithas’ charm and isn’t afraid of showing it.
Assassin’s Guild
Jarton Jarton : A Drow Assassin you serves Severus, talented but a hedonist. Owes Petendithas a favor or two, as his perverse ways have gotten him in trouble multiple times.
Lirdrae Everhtlar : The leader of Severus’ band of assassins. She is cold, ruthless but ever the romantic. Has a strong crush on her right hand man.
Leohand Hawklight : Leohand is Lirdrae’s Everhtlar’s right hand man, a part of the assassin’s guild but his personality seems very meek. His personality counter’s his grim job and he always has an air about him, like he is stricken with a deep sense of guilt.
Communications Guild
Ravalyassa Magesblood : A Female Half-elf Sorcerer. One of the members of the Communication’s Guild.
Fhaatis Fourface : A Female Changeling, head of the Communication’s Guild.

Petendithas Silvershaper of the Communications Guild

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