Yorick Thandor

Third prince to the crown of[ [Thandor (Kingdom) | Thandor]]


Yorick is the youngest of King Rehaan’s three sons, and is third in line to succeed the title of King of Thandor. At present he holds the position of Knight-Commander, the highest rank in the kingdom’s knighthood. He is the youngest man ever to achieve this position, but his age belies his wisdom and his appointment was not based on his birth. He is well-known for his dedication to the good of the kingdom and it’s people.

Simon Silvertongue: Yorick enlisted the advocate’s help during the trial

Most members of the court show respect to Yorick.

Caelan Rodaous: The king’s advisor seems to have something against Yorick, though no one seems to know why

Yorick Thandor

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