Fallen Star

DM's Log: Powerful Demon, Aidnecniregin

After taking a few minutes to catch their breath, the party and Merric caught each other up on the events of the last couple hours. Apparently, during the escape, Leucis’ subordinates ambushed Merric and the headmaster. Merric had tried to defend the Archmage, but the enemy numbers were too great and they eventually overcame him and ended the headmster’s life. Merric escaped in order to carry a message that had been given to him by Quarion. That message named none other than the young halfling sorcerer as the new headmaster of the academy and holder of the title “Archmage”.

The party returned to the academy grounds to check on the teachers they had failed to reach. Baern, the dwarven enchanter, had suffered a death of a thousand cuts from his own enchanted blades. The gensai elemtalist Mara-Kai had suffered through having each elemental aspect of her soul torn out in turn, leaving naught but a soulless husk of crystal behind. The eccentric gnomish researcher, Eldon Whifflebottom, had been placed in an incredibly elaborate mechanism that ultimately lowered him into a tub of alchemist’s acid. Marmaroth performed the last rites for each of the fallen in turn as Argas proceeded to investigate the office of Leucis. He found some incomprehensible books and lots of arcane-looking symbols scrawled on the walls of the room.

The next couple days were mostly uneventful, time passed slowly as the party took it upon themselves to help begin restoration of the academy, at the behest of now-Headmaster Merric. During the evening the group studied Leucis’ work, hoping to decipher what he was working on. They were unable to ascertain much other than that he was spending a lot of time looking into demonology.

Then the party awoke one dawn in their guest tower suit to rumbling and the sounds of screams coming from the city below. The rumbling was so intense that it had begun shaking the tower, causing the stonework to begin wearing away at the mortar, filling the room with the smell of dirt and dust. As they were attempting to make sense of the situation, Merric entered the room and told them that large demon had appeared in the city and was wreaking havoc. He explained that the creature seemed to be making a direct path towards the academy. Reports from the guards stated that weapons and magic seemed to be having no effect. He told them that the members of the academy planned to lead the beast into the courtyard where they would make their final stand, and he asked the party for their help. Without hesitation, the 7 of them raced down the tower and took position in the courtyard. While they did not see anyone else their, Merric explained that the members of the academy were known for their magic, not their martial prowess. A second glance showed that they had turned the window of the surrounding academy buildings into artillery barricades. After many tense minutes of waiting, the demon crashed through the academy gates where the group launched their ambush.

As had been reported, the creature seemed impervious to all forms of attack. Moreover, the creature was not just durable, he was powerful. His claw attacks could push even Eglath back 20 feet or more. Shamash, who had developed a glowing scar, could somehow see that the monster was directly controlling his mana to form a shield as a reaction to any attack made against it. In response to this, Merric suggested that they needed something powerful enough to penetrate shield, and that he and that making a spell that combined both dragon and chaos magics, they might be able to succeed. Unfortunately, that required at least 30 seconds of uninterrupted channeling of magic and Shamash was reluctant to team up with his former adversary. The others convinced the dragonborn that it was the only way they could survive and he ultimately agreed, telling them to “just make sure and keep that thing’s attention off of us while we prepare”. About halfway though, however, the creature spotted them and blasted them with a burst of force energy it launched from it’s mouth. They managed to evade the attack, but they had to begin the spell from scratch. The others began rushing the creatures one after the other to get its attention. Together, they managed to distract it long enough for the sorcerers to complete their spell, a mighty lance of dragonfire bathed in chaos energy. Sure enough, Shamash could see the spell shatter the creature’s shield.

With it’s defenses broken, the party rejoiced as they could see the barrage of magic missiles beginning to faze the beast. With renewed resolve they launched an all-out offensive. They were surprised to find, as the Archmage charged headlong at the beast, that not only was Merric a gifted sorcerer, he had incredible martial skill as well. The beast fought back with claws and hellfire and bursts of explosive arcane energy. The group realized they could win, but when it finally looked like they had the creature on the ropes, it let out a mighty bellow and its body began to regenerate faster than they could wound it. It reared back its head as they could feel the energy gathering around it. After several seconds, the demon lowered its head and fired a beam of destructive energy that made its way through Eglath, damaging him heavily in the process, destroying the foundation of the artillery building as it began to shake and crumble. The creature turned it’s attention back to the main group who could find no way to fight through the speed of the beast’s regeneration until the cavalry arrived – Adeya, Krogal, and Malaggar. The professors had a device with them, and, as Adeya made a few adjustments, she told the party to make him open his mouth again, but make sure the creature was facing them. They party drew it’s attention and eventually got it facing the teachers. As it opened its maw and began collecting energy for another attack, Malaggar charges in, jamming the mouth open with his sword as Krogal took the device from Adeya and charged the beast, slamming the mana bomb down his throat. Malaggar dismounted from the beast’s head and as soon as he hit the ground, Adeya pressed a button that caused the beast to explode, raining chunks of demon flesh from the sky for almost a minute.

the now 10 of them did not have the time to catch their breath before the creature somehow regenerated back to life, but was only able to recover itself to a battered and bloodied state. Enraged, the creature let out a mighty roar as a pulse of red energy shot into the sky, turning a fiery red as dark clouds began swirling in and and giant flaming rocks began to rain from the sky on on them and even all across the city of Asynium. The group, barely standing after the being struck with the rain of fire, called on the last of their strength to finish off the creature. The professors joined in as well. With so many opponents and in his enraged state the demon could not focus. It struggled to fight back, but it’s efforts were futile as the team’s coordinated efforts finally managed to put the beast to rest.

The party was allowed to take a part of the demon as a trophy, and there was a party held in their honor. The group celebrated as the town reveled in their heroism and strength. With the knowledge that the town was safe and little else keeping them here, or even together, the group made off the following day for Woodhaven, where they expected to part ways in order to pursue their own ambitions. Little did they expect that they would never reach the forest capital.

DM's Log: Leucis Revealed: Crisis at the Academy!
An old rival appears as Leucis lauches an attack on the Academy

The party searched Leucis’ body for another gathering scroll that they could use to hopefully extract a larger mana amber crystal from the large stump in the back of the room. They did indeed find another scroll, and were able to extract a the crystal they had been looking for. As they prepared to take a rest, the one student that Shamash had burned rose to his feet (a staggering 4 feet tall) and removed his hood with an annoyed expression. He seemed familiar to Shamash, and there was no doubt who this was once he opened his mouth. “You stupid lizard, you’ve ruined everything!” This halfling was none other than Merric, Shamash’s old rival. The rest of the group merely watched as unpleasant words were exchanged between the two until Shamash, still battered and bloody, challenged Merric to settle things here and now. Arcs of fire met and thrashed against each other for a moment, but in a flash Merric had ducked under them pressed his cold dagger into the dragonborn’s gut. Shamash crumpled to the floor, unconscious and quivering.

Merric proceeded to rip off a length of cloth and stabilize the wound, and turned to the rest of the group and explained that he had infiltrated this group because he believed a teacher was luring new students into some sort of dark cult. Pulling back Leucis’ hood revealed the horned visage of a tiefling. And not just any tiefling, it was none other than Professor Darkflame. They made their way back towards the academy, resting for several hours in creature’s village first. They used the smaller crystals they had found to buy equipment, a shield for Eglath and a bow for Jackson, each made from the blackened wood of the nearby trees as well as massive sword whose blade was made of mana amber for Marmaroth.

The group attempted to interrogate Leucis, but he merely led them in circles, speaking with a nihilistic demeanor about how he was already dead and nothing the party did to him would make a difference. After a while, they gave up, and headed back towards the academy. When the reached the edge of Woodhaven, they saw the smoke rising from the city in the distance. They rushed into the panicked city and made a beeline to the academy. In the lobby, the asked the golem secretary what was going on, but were met with hostility as the golem fought alongside several cultists that rushed down the stairs. The party defeated the golem, but as golem’s plating cracked and fell, inside the golem was a barely conscious Headmaster Quarion.

He said that Darkflame had lead several students on a coup-De-tat of the school and locked the other teachers in their offices. The party was confused because they thought they had captured Leucis, but when Marmaroth tried to ask their captive what was going on, his blade slipped and killed it, reverting it to its true form- Darkflame’s imp familiar. Just then, an image of the tiefling appeared in front of them and explained that each teacher was trapped, and that any attempts to interfere with his operations would result in the throwing of a kill switch that would activate all of the traps, killing the teachers. Furthermore, he announced that the school was rigged with one of the stolen mana bombs, and it would detonate in two hours. The party told him they would stop him, but he insisted he wouldn’t have rattled off his plans if they could actually succeed.

The academy was designed as a semi-circle with the lobby at it’s center. Each office was about 15 minutes from the lobby. Merric insisted on getting the Archmage to safety and left to get him out of the city. The party decided that the first thing to do was save Adeya, who had helped construct the original mana bomb. When they reached her office they were confronted with 2 of the creature they had seen in her crystal. The creatures were made of living mana and had made a corporeal shell out of her potions and alchemical items. Each attack delivered and recieved by the party splashed them with all manner of liquids ranging from alchemists fire to antivenom. They planned on defeating one and escaping, but upon it’s defeat its incorporeal energy returned to Adeya. These creatures were made from her own mana. The party defeated the second, but it cost them precious seconds. The barely-conscious alchemy professor was unable to fight, but at least had the strength to escape, so she set out, giving the party a rack of healing potions.

They decided they could save time by following the outside of the circle and going directly to Malaggar’s office. Inside they found themselves in a preened courtyard at night, with no sign of an entrance or exit. They were attacked by an Oni that attempted to flee when it realized it was overpowered. It tried to impersonate Malaggar, but the party was only fooled for a minute before they turned on it and struck it down, causing the illusory area to fade and reveal that they were actually inside Malaggar’s office. It seemeed he had passed out after being forced to ingest his own poison, and, like Adeya, was too weak to fight at this point. He left, but offered them his Ghostphase Cloak as a reward.

Continuing that pattern, the next stop was the Archmage’s tower, which showed clear signs of a battle and had been ransacked. Whatever they were looking for was probably behind the already-open hidden stairway that led down under the courtyard. At the bottom was a large double-door they they could hear Leucis barking orders through. They not to call his bluff and save one more teacher before going after Darkflame. Shamash asked that they save Krogal Gro-Dok, as he always treated Shamash with respect, and had earned his in turn, so the party made for the gymnasium. Inside, arcs of lightning bounced, shards of enchanted wooden target dummies flew, stars rained and the dummies themselves began fighting the party. They were somehow able to subdue the half-orc, but they didnt have time to wait for his injuries to heal, they barely had enough time as it was to reach the double-doors under the Archmage’s tower as it was.

There were less than two minutes left when they threw open the doors to see the black-haired swordsman leaving via a teleportation circle that closed behind him, leaving Leucis and his homunculus guardians facing the party. At Leucis’ end was the detonator for the mana bomb. When the party entered he said “and so you have made your choice, heroes. You would sacrifice a few teachers for the good of the city.” He snapped his fingers. “And now they are dead, and their blood is on your hands, heroes. Not that it matters, you will all die soon enough.” He conjured several black orbs that pulled the party in and made them feel heavy.

They eventually muscled through the dark orbs and got close enough to strike at Leucis. Shamash melted the homunculi, unloading everything he had in him. Argas was blinded by Leucis’ curse and tried haphazardly to fight back. Eglath charged the tiefling as soon as he could. Jackson made every effort to support the others. As time ran short, Khashana’s face took on the visage of something… sinister. As it did, Leucis screamed in horror as he and Eglath saw something horrifying. Eglath threw him from the edge of the world and Leucis’ mind seemed to crack. He tried desperately to fight but was backed up against a pillar. Suddenly a portal appeared on the pillar and Merric lept out, grabbing Leucis and putting his blade to the warlock’s throat. “Any last words, traitor?”

Just this, Leucis said, and his voice shifted to something horrible, and the words he spoke felt almost painful to hear. “Meus animus, fio unus per obscurum. Murucsbo rep sunu oif sumina suem!” Merric slit his throat. but instead of bleeding out, the tieflings boddy burst into flames, leaving only a small pile of dust on the floor. With less than a minute left the party set forth to destroying the detonater. Finally both the school and the city were safe.

DM's Log: The plague tree: A mysterious new race appears!
The party travels to Asynium to restore Dumby's arm and cure Eglath's festering wound.

The party wandered around Jonta for a while, taking in the sight’s of Thandor’s priemier trading hub. They made a list of their current goals, which included:

  • Fix Khashana’s Crazy
  • Fix Dumby’s Arm
  • Cure Eglath’s body

They decided that Hessai in Arcikias would be the best place to visit for the first, but first they decided to take a detour to Asynium Academy, known for its advancements in magical research, in the hopes of finding a solution to the giant and dwarf’s more immediate problems. They hired a wagon and their week-long journey went without incident.

When they reached the academy, it was larger and grander than they ever could have imagined, and as they entered the lobby of the Academy, they were greeted by a hulking golem acting as doorman and secretary. In relation to having the dragon claw grafted into an arm, it first directed them to an eccentric gnomish researcher named Eldon Whifflebottom. After a tiresome conversation, Eldon suggested they use that dragon arm they found as a replacement for the dwarf’s missing arm. He assured them he could make it happen, but first he needed some components, beginning with the sucker-covered tentacle-leg of a wumpus – a creature thought to only exist in legend. They also met with Professor Adeya, a githzerai alchemist who teaches alchemy and rituals, and she was able to create a potion to help Eglath.

Shamash, Marmaroth, and Khashana began visiting other teachers for more information while Dumby and Eglath hit the books. Krogal Grodok, the half-orc battle-magic instructor, informed them that Baern Sandal, a dwarf who handles magitech maintenence and teaches enchanting; Professor Darkflame, a tiefling walock who teaches defense against the dark arts; and Professor Malaggar, a drow who teaches shadow magic, were all assisting Eldon with his wumpus hunt. Between them, they recieved the information and tools necessary to defeat the wumpus, but alas, they were caught off-guard and while they managed to defeat the creature and take one of it’s masssive tentacle-legs, The creature chewed and swallowed the dwarf during the battle, and the party was not able to fee him from the creature’s stomach in time. Dumbledore Baggins died that day.

When they returned to Eldon Whifflebottom with the news, they caught him in the middle of recruiting another adventurer to take on the wumpus, a half-elf warlord whose name they would later learn to be Jackson Braveheart, or Jax for short. Ever the adventure-seeker, Jax insisted that the party had stolen his quest and owed him another. Conveniently, upon returning to the lobby, the group was intercepted by Adeya and Headmaster Archmage Quarion, an eladrin wizard and the highest authority in both the academy and its surrounding city. They showed them a scene recorded in a crystal of Adeya working with the potion she had made for Eglath and it bursting in an explosion of mana, creating an living mana beast whose form was held together by her innumerable potions. She warned that Eglath may suffer the same explosive buildup unless she could make a counter-potion, for which she needed a large mana amber crystal, hardened sap from trees warped by the after-effects of a magical super-weapon Quarion and she had developed. Despite that they had little choice in it’s development, the party was nonetheless disgusted with the two for creating something so dangerous, but had little choice but to listen to them and venture forth.

The forest trees had grown large, and though they could see the the pale glowing green and blue sap running through the trees, the bark was to tough to penetrate with conventional weapons, and it absorbed magical attacks like a sponge. As they searched for a solution, they were ambushed by small black creatures that looked almost like shadows, except that they had tattoo-like veins glowing the same color as the sap. a couple of them managed to take the party’s weapons, and the party was finally able to catch and engage them, but Eglath could sense they were merely protecting their territory and to subdue them if possible rather than kill them. They party fought back, and after asserting their physical dominance, Shamash let out a draconic roar that scared them all into surrender. They lead the party back to a village centered around a tree that was big enough to house a city. After exploring the village and learning to communicate vaguely with these creatures, the party realized that they were using the same crystals the party was seeking as a form of currency and as raw materials for tools. When they asked about finding some of their own, they were directed to a cave that had been excavated under the large tree.

On the path leading into the cave they met a minotaur covered in laceration, who wore chains around his body. They approached each other cautiously, but soon realized they shared an objective in searching inside the cave. The minotaur identified himself as Argas Andregos, and spoke something about seeking freedom. In combat he proved to be a fierce barbarian, channeling the more ferocious aspects of Sylph’s caprice.

Inside the cave they were met with room after room of these stange black creatures, excpet some of these were larger and more feral, and none of them were at all as friendly as the ones from the village. They picked up some mana amber along the way, but they suspected that the crystals they were finding were too small for Adeya, but probably had some trade value with the villagers. They made it to a room where they interrupted a ritual being performed by several mages wearing the same black and crimson robes as Shamash, and although the leader escaped through a side tunnel and closed a portcullis behind him, he dropped a scroll detailing the ritual. Shamash realized that this was a ritual for gathering mana amber from the trees, and they proceeded to perform it where the mages they defeated had been, and they were able to excavate several bits of mana amber, but it was still the small ones. They traveled up a massive spiral stairway that lead into the tree itself, and after defeating a monstrous and completely feral shadow creature, they found themselves wandering into the heart of the tree where several mages wearing the robes of first-year academy students were diligently harvesting amber. At the far end they saw the mysterious overseer from before talking to a pale, black-haired swordsman who referred to the overseer several times as Leucis.

Jax started the fight by firing an arrow at the unsuspecting Leucis, but his aim was off and the arrow went wide. The party was exhausted, and the fight was grueling. The swordsman stepped down and moved to engage them, following just behind several of the shadow creatures. The students, at Leucis’ command, bombarded the party with a barrage of magic missiles. Despite all their concentrated efforts, the party could barely scratch the clothes the swordsman was wearing as he teleported around them, delivering blow after blow, except for Marmaroth who had circled around. His massive fullblade cut through the students’ robes and flesh like butter until he reached Leucis himself. Despite Leucis’ best efforts, Marmaroth just barely survived long enough to get in close and use his divine powers to transport himself and Leucis to the main brawl. He suffered a mortal would and fell unconscious as he bled out. Argas shifted his focus to the now-vulnerable Leucis and as his axe fell, the mage begged for mercy. Argas obliged, opting to strike with the flat of his axe, knocking Leucis out cold. The swordsman sheathed his blade and said “Lilith will hear about this…” They bound Leucis and prepared to interrogate him, but first another ritual scroll was found in his robes. They performed the ritual upon the massive stump he and the swordsman had initially been perched on and they were able to extract a much larger chunk of mana amber. All they needed to do now was to question Leucis when he awoke and return to the academy to cure Eglath, but little did they know they were not alone in that room…

DM's Log - Caravan in Peril: You were the one behind this!?
The party departs the greenlands, but not without incident

On the way out, Khashana informed the party that she had already buried Gar in the ruins outside the garrison, and so they allowed this fallen city to become the drow’s final resting place. Having few other options, the party made it’s way out of the city, following the mountain trail across the world’s spine towards Jonta, and were now several days behind the tax caravan. They had hoped to move quickly enough to catch up, but were sidetracked when they came across a scene full of blood trails leading off the precipitous mountain trail and overturned carts and wagons. They realized that the tail end of the caravan must have been attacked and was overpowered due to a lack of protection from the guards they had scene with it earlier.

After that scene they made an effort to pick up their pace, increasingly so once they had found a second attack site. This one looked like a more daring assault, as they found the bodies of multiple guardsmen, all killed with a mix of crossbow bolts and shallow blade cuts, except for one with a large slash wound on his back. Most of a day had passed and the group needed to rest. The next day they continued at their hurried pace, and another group had been attacked, except this group was not the rear, as they saw tracks going around the wreckage.

They began to hurry, but were intercepted by a strange cat-like creature that they did not recognize, except that it reminded Eglath of a tembo, a dark creature considered the equivalent of a bogeyman to the people of the mountains. It spoke to them, taunting them, as it’s murderous, evil aura seemed to eat away at their very souls. The group watched it closely, and Dumby even tried to strike it, but he was too fast and was next to Khashana before the dwarf’s blade came anywhere near him. As he made the focus of his taunts, Marmaroth, who had become quite protective of the girl since he had first scene her face-to-face in the cavern, warned the tembo not to harm the girl or he would suffer most dearly. Calling the revenant’s bluff, he bit at her. In a flash, the Marmaroth was next to him, and using his divine power to sequester and challenge an opponent, teleported himself and the tembo away from the group, but ended himself on the edge of the precipice and the tembo just over the edge. The tembo’s claws searched ineffectually for a foothold, but he swore they had not seen the last of him as he tumbled down the side of the mountain.

They rushed forward, only briefly scanning a fourth wreckage site. Their hurried pace allowed them to meet the caravan a day before it was due to arrive in Jonta; however, what they found was less than half of what they had seen back at Dilith. As they proceeded towards the front to find out what was happening a heavyset man beckoned them from his covered wagon. He promised each of them 50 gold coins if they acted as his personal guards for the duration. They recognized him as Severus Serneum, better known as Serneum the Sly, a shady but supposedly influential merchant. Marmaroth said he would accept the job on the condition that Khashana be allowed to ride in the safety and shade of his wagon (adding that any unsavory acts would result in a loss of the merchant’s manhood). Dumby and Shamash went to the front of the caravan and once again met Yorick, who was leading the caravan, as well as his two lieutenants.

The first of the two lieutenant was Arryn Drisdell, a young human noble who was handling the clerical work for the caravan. Comparing cargo to the trade manifests, counting coppers when the taxes were collected, and keeping the logs up to date were his primary responsibilities. The other lieutenant was a well known and respected old knight named Baenar Eracles, or more commonly Baenar the Bold. Baenar was in charge of assigning the guard placement, but they soon found that he and Yorick were constantly bickering over guard assignment. After helping to settle the debate by spreading guards (which they were now a part of) evenly among the areas they each wanted guarded, Yorick privately requested that Dumby and Shamash (because they had not been around the other days and were guaranteed innocents) investigate Arryn, Baern, and Serneum because they were each suspected of selling the caravan out to the mountain bandits.

The caravan had been separated into 7 subgroups, but after the daily attacks, only 3 remained. Shamash and Dumby took point so that they could continue questioning the noble and the knight. Eglath took the rear guard, as he would be the most capable of holding his own. Marmaroth remained in the center with Serneum and Khashana. As it happened, the target of today’s attack was Serneum’s caravan, and although they fended off the attack and even captured the spy that had delayed the rear to keep it from interfering, the assailants were more than the average mountain bandit. They were well-trained fighters and effectively used alchemical weapons and items in their attack, most notably choking gas bombs. Given the target of this assault, despite Baenar’s insistence that this was a misdirection, the party ruled out Severus as a suspect.

In their not-so-subtle intel gathering on the others, Dumby had gained a suspicion of Arryn, since he had access to all the information about where the best targets were, but Shamash was certain it was grizzled knight, because he seemed angry and hostile. Both of them lacked hard evidence, which Yorick demanded, especially if he was going convict Baern, as the knight had been a friend and mentor to him since childhood. When Eglath brought the captive to them for interrogation, Baenar insisted that they uphold their policy of no prisoners, and performed the execution himself. Unfortunately for him, this drew the party’s attention, and that night Dumby and Shamash went to spy on him. He left his tent and walked off after a while. Inside his tent they found copies of the caravan manifests and charters, which should not exist. They took them and followed him to what they found out to be a meeting between him and bandit. They overheard something about an attack the next morning, but ended up being spotted. They raced back to the caravan, doing whatever they could to wake their allies and slow Baenar in the process. They managed to reach Yorick seconds before him, and told Yorick everything. Realizing he was outmanned, Baenar surrendered to his former squire and was tied up until proper action could be taken against him.

The next morning the party was prepared for the attack, and rather than the trained warriors they had battled before, they were confronted with a mass of untrained, wild bandits whose skill was no match for the party, who tore through their ranks like butter. They reached Jonta by midday and Yorick thanked them for their hard work. He assured them that their efforts would not be wasted and that once the caravan reached the capital the ex-knight would get his due justice.

DM's Log - Home: Kashana's sad tale
A new companion, Marmaroth joins the party as they head towards their final showdown with Khashana

The party returned with a chest of taxes and their friend’s stiffening body. After turning in the taxes, prices returned to normal. Afterwards, they went to the local temple and inside saw a young man, intensely devout and deep in prayer when they met. They asked him if they could have funeral rites performed for their friend. He had no family they knew of, and they suspected non other than themselves would weep for him, but they wanted to honor his sacrifice however they could. Marmaroth, as the young priest had introduced himself, offered to perform the funeral rites himself. The next day, the funeral was held and some passers-by wandered over the graveyard to see who had died, though none recognized him, of course. As is customary, Marmaroth spoke the following prayer:

“May the great Name of The Fates be exalted and sanctified, throughout the world, which the Primals created according to their will. May their destinies be established in your lifetime and in your days, and in the lifetime of the entire household of Cerenon, swiftly and in the near future; and say, Amen.
May the Three’s great name be blessed, forever and ever.
Blessed, praised, glorified, exalted, extolled, honored elevated and lauded be the Name of the holy ones, Blessed are they- above and beyond any blessings and hymns, Praises and consolations which are uttered in the world; and say Amen. May there be abundant peace from Celestia, and life, upon us and upon all Cerenon; and say, Amen.”

At the end of the prayer, and old woman began sobbing uncontrollably. When Marmaroth went to console her, Khashana dropped the guise, took Gar’s body and yelled at Marmaroth “I’m not going to let you throw any more friends away!” They tried to chase after her, but were stopped by the skeletons of people from a garrison town in the northern woods that had been ravaged over a decade ago. This attack slowed them enough to let Khashana escape into the woods. It was in this battle that Marmaroth proved to be a powerful invoker, capable or hurling divine energy as bolts of lightning or blades of astral fire. In all his cloistered life he had never seen anything like this and was at a loss on what to do. He consulted the gods and they said his destiny lie in the northern woods, so he joined the party and the trekked through the forest, surviving ambush after ambush, even an encounter with a deadly owlbear, until they finally reached the entrance to ravaged city’s underground garrison.

Inside the ancient garrison Khashana’s voice entered their heads and guided them along as they witnessed the struggle and the massacre that occurred here. Through the use of vengeful spirits, puppeteered corpses, and some illusion magic, the party became actors in a grand play that showed them how the the people who had taken refuge here had spent their final day. Marmaroth had taken to this mysterious woman and sought to learn more about her, and resolved to befriend her rather than simply defeat her. He spent significant time conversing with her through the psychic link she had formed between their minds.

The most intense of these scenes was the one where a man in black executed her father as he was hiding and shielding her with his body. As her father’s blood covered her entire body and stained her clothes, the man in black took his leave, the attacking monsters following not far behind. It was after this that they found a secret door to the vault where Khashana had stored the artifact. After using it to restore their souls to their rightful bodies, the artifact crumbled to dust in Dumby’s hand.

After that, during an encounter with a pair of wraiths and other angry spirits seeking retribution, Marmaroth was burned alive by their vengeful fires, and half-dead the party retreated to to the dining room to catch their breath. After recovering, the party tried to piece together what to do next, and after a while, the doors to the dining room swung open, and a single humanoid creature walked in, thin and pale, with eyes like golden orbs hidden beneath slits of skin, though his face was somehow familiar- Marmaroth, they realized. “I am Marmaroth, and yet I am not Marmaroth” it said. The gods had seen fit to make the naive and mild-mannered young man into something more. Something with a purpose – a revenant, beings only spoken of dark children’s fables who are reborn, but with little to no memory of their former selves. Perhaps this was what the Three had in mind when they pointed him towards the forest, he could hardly say, but the massive blade at his back made him sure of one thing, he was now a warrior of the gods.

The party finally found a secret passage leading to an underground cavernous room with a large glyph in the middle of the room and Khashana standing on it. For whatever reason, Marmaroth knew the child must be protected, and the party was able to calm her down, but that only antagonized the true threat, a Vectis Devil who had been using her the whole time. The party fought and defeated the devil, and despite his ability to possess the party and force them to fight their allies, managed to overcome him and protect Khashana. They could tell she had been scarred deeply by the trauma of the massacre, but with the devil gone they could now get through to her. She didn’t have much in the way of useful information, but they made note of one name she did recall, Leucis…

DM's Log - Tax Week: How much does that cost!?
The party tries to save money by saving the taxes.

The party entered the busy, bustling town of Dilith in the middle of their busiest week of every month, the week the royal tax caravan comes to collect all The Greenlands’ cities’ taxes that pay for the protection of the kingdom’s military from the constant threat of the savages. When the party tried to resupply, all of the merchandise was inflated to nearly ten times it’s normal price. They were told it was because the town wasn’t going to make the tax payment, and was trying to bleed extra money from travelers. They went to man in charge of the carvan, one Yorick Thandor, third prince to the crown of Thandor, a charismatic and straightforward youth who was preoccupied with the duties of simply maintaining the caravan. He told them the taxes from the other cities were unaccounted for and that it was suspected the couriers were intercepted and taken along the way.

The party investigated the area where the disappearances were suspected to take place, and found a path through the aqueducts that led to a wizard’s tower outside of town. The entered from the basement lab that drained into the aqueducts. The tower was filled bizarre monsters, from chimeric savages all the way up to children’s paintings and toys given life. On their way up they managed to find a chest full of money that they deduced was the lost tax money. After a quick chat, they opted to keep the money, but first they had to see who was behind this madness. At the peak of the tower they once again met Khashana, who had created a device using the artifact they had seen her receive that she said would make all the people of The Greenlands her friends, just like her toys downstairs. She activated the device but the party was able to sabotage the device before it activated. As the machine whirred and sparked, Khashana flew into a frenzy, and her onslaught ended with Gar bleeding out on the floor as the machine burst in a brilliant light, followed by a remorseful “now he’s broken” and blackness.

When the group woke up, the artifact had been taken, and Gar’s motionless body had stained the floor red. On top of that, the device’s explosion had caused the survivors’ souls to change bodies, and everthing they though they knew about their powers had changed, because now, their powers were someone else’s and yet another person’s their own. Eglath received Shamash’s powers, Dumby recieved Eglath’s, and Shamash received Dumby’s. Gar was dead, but they would not let this be his final resting place. The drow died doing all he could to save the people of The Greenlands. He was a hero and he deserved a proper funeral.

DM's Log - Enter Khashana: Who are you supposed to be!?
The party is ambushed and follows the culprit to a cave.

The party made camp one night on their journey to Dilith, and were ambushed by a group of bandits during the night. One managed to get away with all their food. The others they defeated and found talismans of polymorph on. When they destroyed the talismans, the bandits were revealed to be kobolds. While tracking the escapee, they wandered into a small farming village called Yilise. They spent the night at an inn, but were attacked by kobolds once again in their sleep. When they attempted to escape the inn, they found themselves victim to another ambush.

Hungry and tired of being on the defensive, they followed a map they found to a cave the kobolds were using as a hideout. They infiltrated the cave and inside they witnessed a mage in black robes with dark crimson threading transport an item to the projection of a young woman. The main room had a magically sealed door, and after finding three keystones to open it, the party found themselves standing before the altar of a young white dragon who was ecstatic that his promised meal had finally arrived. before he knew what happened, though, the dragon found himself stuck in the back of the room, shoved into a corner by Eglath’s incredible strength. The dragon was hardly able to defend himself, and after killing him, the party tore apart his corpse for all it was worth, even going so far as for Dumby to take an arm in the hopes he could have it replace his lost one.

Once they had acquired all they could hold of the dragon and his hoard, they came face to face with the girl in the projection. She had dark hair and tan skin, and despite her apparent age, spoke with all the mannerisms of a young child. She thanked them for slaying the big mean dragon, and told them she left their foodstuffs at the cave entrance because she couldn’t have them break on her. When asked, she apologized for forgetting her manners and introduced herself as Khashana and promised to play with them again. Confused, the party continued onward to Dilith.

DM's Log - Introduction: These guys are the heroes!?
The Original Cast's First Adventure

The adventure began with 4 heroes: A goliath warden named Eglath who spent his whole life living in a small mountain tribe, but had fled south to Wahlshire from his village after it was destroyed, A drow warlock who was known simply as Gar – clearly not his real name, but that is privileged information – who was seeking simply to grow his dark power and somehow found his way into Wahlshire’s prison, A traveling dwarven bard name Dumbledore Baggins (that’s Mr. Dumby to you) who quested to find the legendary cursed instrument known as the manjo, and finally a young dragonborn sorcerer of dragon magic named Shamash, whose prowess with pyromancy was matched only by ineptitude in formal studies, causing him to be expelled from Asynium Academy and was returning to his hometown of Wahlshire, disheartened and, more importantly, dishonored. Our story begins the day these unlikely allies crossed paths in a far-off town and how their actions and the choices the made would come to have much more far-reaching consequences…

Eglath and Dumby were the first to meet, when the dwarf attempted to take what little coin the goliath had. There was a commotion and the guardsmen enjoying their dinner rushed off to the north gate, knocking over Eglath’s food on their way out. Wanting an apology, Eglath followed and carried the dwarf with him. They saw the guards killed by a pair of gnolls just as they reached the city gate. They engaged the gnolls, and were joined by Gar attempting to escape when his jailor left to investigate the south gate. Shamash was just reaching his hometown when the fight broke out, and he had been itching for something fleshy to fry, and they managed to defeat the gnolls, though Eglath had broken his weapon and Dumby’s armor had be mangled in the fight.

The blacksmith they visited was more than willing to help them after their heroic effort at the north gate, and when he spoke of the simultaneous goblin attack on the south gate, the group grew concerned. They were directed to the mayor, who informed them of the war between the goblin and gnoll clans that had them caught in the middle. In exchange for goods and full pardon for Gar, the group offered to eradicate the goblins (because goblins seemed an easier target) and allow the guards to focus their effort on only one front.

They made their way to the camp, surviving an ambush of goblins riding strange chimeric creatures along the way as well as two very strong bugbear guards they were lucky to have caught off guard. They caught the camp unprepared and the unprepared goblins never had change. They killed most of the clan then and their, flame, scythe (Dumby’s weapon of choice), spear, and eldrich energy slew goblin after goblin with extreme prejudice. A few managed to make their way into the chieftain’s hut, but so did the party, and even the chief was no match for their might as the last of the camp was slain. The group took what was of value and prepared for the trek home. When they exited the chief’s tent, however, they were surprised to be facing down a Beholder, a creature not seen since the days of the Great War, who appeared to be toying with one of the chimeric mounts the goblins had been riding.

It engaged them and they fell, but survived, somehow. They awoke midday an undetermined amount of time later, their wounds tended with fresh bandages and the goblin camp cleared. There was no sign of their rescuer, but their plight had not been a dream. Dumby’s arm had been annihilated with disintegration ray and Eglath could feel his body rotting from the inside after being hit with a withering ray. They made their way back to Wahlshire, but found it overrun by gnolls, and were met by a pair guarding the south gate. They were offered a chance leave, but Gar defied them, but when his guts met their claws, the group reconsidered and circumvented the town, seeking shelter to the north and hoping to find refuge in Dilith.

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