Asynium Academy


The city of Asynium is synonomous with the Asynium Academy, the premiere magical research site in the nation of Thandor.

The only city on The High Coast is the magical city Asynium, the premier magical research site and center of academic study for all of Thandor. Here is where apprentices and magicians alike practice and refine their spellcraft and perform research into developing new and more potent alchemical products.

Notable Characters

  • Archmage Quarion – An Eladrin and heeadmaster of the academy. He is difficult reach.
  • Professor Eldon Whifflebottom]] – An eccentric gnome researcher. He has terrible short-term memory and is prone to forgetting his research subject before he ever begins; however when he does manage to focus, it is said that he can solve the impossible before anyone can tell him it can’t be done. This made him the perfect ally for attaching the dragon claw to Mr. Dumby, before his untimely death.
  • Professor Baern Sandal – A dwarf and professor of enchanting. He also handles the Academy’s technical support. His distasteful personality led the headmaster to Baern’s office to the basement. he provided the party with the magic arrows that allowed them to defeat the wumpus.
  • Professor Krogal Gro-Dok – A half-orc professor of battle-magic. He also runs the gymnasium. He has a strong history with Shamash and the two seem to get along well.
  • Professor Adeya – A githzerai professor of alchemy and rituals. Her knowledge of salves has also earned her the informal position as the head of the infirmary. She researched the cure for Eglath’s withered organs.
  • Professor Malaggar – A drow and professor of shadow magic. He prefers to remain alone in his down time. He provided the party with information about the wumpus cave.
  • Professor Darkflame – A tiefling warlock who teaches students to combat and withstand the dark arts. He spends his free time researching strange rituals. He provided the party with valuable information on the wumpus’ nature.
  • Professor Mara-Kai – A gensai professor of elemental magic. She is stern and harsh, but dedicated to the growth of her students.

Asynium Academy

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