Cerenon is the name of the dual-island continent and home of the mortal races in the world of the Fallen Star campaign. While it is said that unknown lands lie far beyond the endless sea, few adventurers have sought that truth, and none have returned to tell their tale.

This page gives a brief description many of the features of Cerenon. For full descriptions and additional detail, visit their full pages.

History of Cerenon

It is said that Cerenon was not built by, but rather found by the gods. The gods saw the world and saw that it was good, and thus created the goodly races in their own image to inhabit it. Little is known about the world before the arrival of the goodly races; however, since that time history has been defined by them. A long and bloody war separates history into two distinct time periods The Far Past detailing the world before the fall of the Old Gods and rise of the Savages, and The Near Past detailing the goodly races’ resurgence from near-extinction.

The Far Past

The Far Past is divided into 5 periods. The first, known as The Era of Innocence, was a time when all the mortal races lived together in harmony. After what seemed like an eternity of ever-lasting peace, the goodly races began to quarrel and the gods along with them. This was The Aeon of Blood. It was not until the eldest of the Trinity of Fates stepped in, The Sundering the land in twain that the fighting stopped. Unfortunately, this act inadvertently unsealed an ancient and abominable evil known as The Noja who’s revival ushered in The Age of Madness and first giving birth to the Savages. It was not until the goodly races once again banded together in The Great United War, did The Noja’s destruction come to an end.

The Near Past

The Near Past details the regrowth and expansion of the goodly races. It begins in the wake of the War’s destruction, with the only surviving goodly mortals all living in The Last City, avoiding leaving the comfort of its shelter for fear of the land now overrun with Savages, during a time known as The Silent Age. Eventually the city became too populous and the first true adventurers of the set off in search of new settlements. This was known as the The Century of Discovery. With the discovery of magic by Erial Thandor and Othias Arcikias, the growth of Cerenon was forever changed as Kingdoms were formed during the current Age of Magic.

The Goddess’ Prayer speaks of one final age – The Age of the Fallen Star, in which the goodly races will once again be judged. Some believe it a bluff to keep them in line, others believe the age is already upon us. Only one thing is certain, and that is that no one knows the truth…

Geography of Cerenon

The world of Cerenon is a vast and beautiful world waiting to be explored. After The Sundering the land was split into two continents, known now as Thandor and Arcikias after the cities that united them.


The continent of Thandor makes up the current western half of Cerenon and defines the lands ruled by the Kingdom of Thandor. It is comprised of four major regions:


The continent of Arcikias makes up the current western half of Cerenon and defines the lands ruled by the Kingdom of Arcikias. It is comprised of three major regions:

Other Lands

Despite the all-encompassing nature of the two nations, there are still some regions and cities that maintain some level of, if not total independence. These areas include:

The Cosmology of Cerenon

Originally there were many gods, each creating a race in his or her image. After The Sundering awoke The Primals, they too created mortal races. However, after The Great United War, most of the gods perished, save a small few.

The Gods

The primary tokens of worship are the Trinity of Fates, three goddesses-as-one. The Trinity are comprised of three goddesses, each one revered and respected. They are:

  • The Maiden – The youngest of the three, daughter to The Mother. She preserves the future of life
  • The Mother – Middle in age, she birthed The Maiden and is daughter to The Crone she protects those living in the present.
  • The Crone – Eldest of the trinity, she is the mother of The Mother. She preserves the souls and memories of life since passed.

The only other god to survive the war was The Trickster, a mischievous god whose unexpected arrival and assistance in the final battle against The Noja was said to be the the grain that tipped the battle in their favor.

The Primals

The beings said to have been responsible for the creation of Cerenon, The Primals pre-date even the Old Gods. They avoid contact with the world for the most part, except when granting power to a champion, or when in their caprice, unmatched by even that of The Trickster himself, they choose to call forth mighty acts of nature that can spell either salvation or destruction for it’s target. There are 4 primals:

  • Gnome – This Primal is the avatar of earth and forest
  • Salamander – This primal is the avatar of fire and mountains
  • Sylph – This primal is the avatar of wind and air
  • Undine – This Primal is the avatar or water and sea

Powers in Cerenon

In Cerenon, adventurers are not particularly uncommon, but they all share something in common, and that is the ability to access their Mana or life energy. This Mana typally takes on one of 5 forms:


Martial warriors rely on their own physical skill in order to combat foes. They come from many different backgrounds and each has his or her own reason for fighting. Academies for martial warriors exist in the capital cities of Thandor and Arcikias Just as common though are those who had to take up the sword unexpectedly during a time of crisis, those who somehow managed to teach themselves, or those who were taught by a master personally.


Arcane warriors study the use of magic and arcane energies as they can be applied in combat. Each nation has its own center for arcane study and many people begin teaching themselves to use magic long before they even begin formal study.


Divine warriors draw strength through devout and disciplined worship of the goddesses and the old gods in order to channel the power of the divine energy that dwells within them. The largest center of worship and divine training is the Ivory Monastery in Usantu, though smaller temples exist in every major city.


Primal warriors draw on the strength of the primal spirits. Such warriors are chosen by one or more of The Primals to wield their power. The choice of warrior is often seemingly random, though the spirits have been known to grant a devout worshiper their power from time to time. As such, primal warriors can pop up anywhere at any time. It is common, though not required, for primal warriors to go on a pilgrimage to seek out the Primal who had given them power as a show of gratitude.


Psionic warriors externalize mental energy to affect the material world. This power is said to belong to those who carry the blood of ancient heroes from The Age of Madness. Many psionic warriors suffer from delusions or other forms of madness, which many speculate is because the power is the same type that The Noja used to infect the world. Those who do suffer from madness either travel towards Hesei’s Temple of the Silent Obelisk or begin a personal journey to quell the voices in their head. Psionic warriors can appear almost anywhere, as they are born with the power, though it does not awaken until a condition or situation, unique to each person, is met.


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