Although they operate within the laws of Thandor, the separation created by the World Spine is enough that there is very little travel or communication between them and most travel coincides with the tax and trade caravan that comes to Dilith once per month. As such, Dilith spends much of its time preparing for and organizing trade from among the few smaller villages in the Greenlands.

Other settlements in The Greenlands are mostly small farming and hunting settlements with a small number of artisans who make the necessary tools and trade their excess in Dilith.

Dilith is bordered by the Northern Woods on its northern border and the World Spine beyond its east gate, along with the mountain path to [Jonta]. Most trade to Dilith is brought in from the rest of The Greenlands through its south gate.

Notable Characters

  • Yorick Thandor – Knight-Commander and third prince to the crown of Thandor. This young man garnered the party’s assistance in recovering the the lost taxes from Khashana and later in protecting the caravan and identifying the traitor.
  • Khashana – Stole the taxes going to the [Monthly Trade Caravan]. Attempted to steal the souls of the people of The Greenlands, but was stopped by the party, who accidentally switched bodies as a result of stopping her device, although Gar was killed in the process. Stole the body of Gar, luring the party to the forgotten city she called “”/campaign/cerenon/wikis/Home/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Home“. This is where they were able to free her of the Vectis Devil’s control as well as where Marmaroth died and was reborn as a tool of ”/campaign/cerenon/wikis/the-mother" class=“wiki-page-link”>The Mother.
  • Baenar Eracles – Grizzled old soldier and Knight-Captain in charge of the Monthly Trade Caravan’s security. Turned out to be the traitor.
  • Arron Drisdale – A young nobleman in charge of the Monthly Trade Caravan’s charters and registries. Suspected of treason, but cleared by the party.
  • Severus Sernium the Sly – A rich and fat merchant travelling with the Monthly Trade Caravan. The merchant deals in questionable merchandise, and requested the personal protection of the party.

Notable Features


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