The Greenlands


The lush grassland region known as The Greenlands for its abundance of plant life is kept separate from most of Thandor by by the World Spine, a mountain range that runs across the eastern edge of The Greenlands. Due to the physical barrier created by the treacherous World Spine, communication with the rest of the kingdom is sparse and difficult.

Notable Cities in The Greenlands

  • Dilith – The trade center and point of contact between The Greenlands and The Midlands
  • Wahlshire – An mostly-independent city in the south of The Greenlands, also the starting point the adventure.
  • Yilise – A small farming town the party passed through on their way to Dilith.
  • Home – A garrison town whose name was lost over 16 years ago.

Other Notable Features

The World Spine – A massive mountain range that runs along the eastern edge of The Greenlands and supposedly continues to loop the world from under the ocean. The mountains are difficult to traverse and even the mountain path connecting the city of Dilith to the midland city of Jonta is considered dangerous due to the savage ones and bandits who reside there.

Northern Woods – A wild and dangerous forest lies in the north of The Greenlands. It was deep within these wilds that the party discoverd the ruins of “Home” and saved Khashana from the Vectis Devil. It remains infested with wild beasts and various [Savages].

The Greenlands

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