A small farming village that lacks any real influence within the Kingdom, Yilise is located partway between Wahlshire and Dilith. The Party stumbled into this town after chasing a kobold that had made off into the night with their food. The town had been destroyed long before the party arrived, but no one would have noticed, since the kobolds who destroyed it took to impersonating the villagers and trapping travelers to offer as meals to their dragon god.

Notable Characters

  • Khashana – The player’s first met her in Yilise, though they did not realize it at the time, as she was in disguise as the mayor, and had the kobolds disguised as villagers. She orchestrated a series of events that led to the death of the kobolds’ young dragon god, from whom she could then steal an strange artifact. She formally introduced herself to the party after the dragon’s demise.

Notable Features

  • Kobold Cave – a few hours walk outside of the town was a cave that was being turned into a home for a clan of kobolds as well as a temple to their dragon god. The arrival of the party spelled the end for the kobolds and the cave is now nothing more than just an empty cave.


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